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The history of Alpine is that of one man: Jean Rédelé. It is Renault dealership in Dieppe for 6 years, and knows by heart only one of the cars he sells the 4CV.
Based 4CV, precisely, a small cut is presented in the exhibition in Paris in 1955 under the name Alpine Thousand Miles as a souvenir to his victories in previous rallies and Thousand Miles.
In 1960, Alpine released a 2 +2 coupe, replaced 2 years later by the cut GT4, more homogeneous and broad. The cut is at the beginning GT4 in type A108 (released in 1960), with power levels 3 or 850 of the 904 Dauphine Gordini, then type A110 engines with 5 levels of 950 or 1100 S. Florida R8 or
Coté sport, prototype, the Alpines realize many achievements in spite of their small engines of 1300 cm ³ against Ford 7 litres. In rallies, Alpine becomes a reference thanks to the A110 even with the engine behind the face of the Porsche 911.
The Alpine A310 is presented at the Geneva Motor Show 1971. Its forms, its superb suspensions, its beautiful presentation, and its 2 +2 seating make a car that everyone's dream. But for a 1.6L of 125ch, the price of 44800. 1991, the last sort Renault Alpine: the A610, to compete with some Porsche or Ferrari, through its V6 Turbocompréssé 250-Ch But this market is very promising. Today, there are around 70 clubs in the world, including Japan, for the brand become a myth.

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